A full-service creative agency
with strategic planning, creative, and
account management departments,
and capabilities in:




Direct mail

Public relations


Event management



Websites and interactive

But that’s just the beginning.
Every client is different, every
job is different, and the market
changes every day.

This is why kisschasey will adapt
the services we provide to suit
each project or campaign.

Give us a call & let’s get cracking!

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We are a branding and advertising communications agency. Conceiving ideas and bringing them to life is our passion. We believe that ideas for your business must be relevant, original and impactful to your target audience and be result driven.

Not that you care too much, but we’ve been in business for eleven years we must be doing something right! Our collective experience brings you the best knowledge and dedication in what the industry has to offer in a friendly and down-to-earth environment. Our talented crew have worked on some iconic brands across retail, automotive, telecommunications, real estate and consumer product sectors.

Trawling for a new agency So what makes us different ?

What we pride on is to give you unparalleled service and the attention you need. You will get that uncanny feeling that we are a part of your marketing department. Transparent, cost conscious (like we’re spending our own money), resourceful, all with a smile we just get it. We’re also a bit flirtatious and you might just like us.

Dean Parrott – Creative Director
Owner and creative director, Dean’s the elder statesman of the team – although he doesn’t act it! Known for wearing loud shirts, kids’ bracelets, and for owning 3 red setters...he’s the chief crayon boy. Before starting the company Dean was the creative director of Gasworks for seven years and before that the senior art director for eight years for Syme magazines (now ACP). Dean possesses unmatched skills in advertising, design and magazine creative direction.  He is also highly passionate in conceptualising and developing corporate branding campaigns. But in another life, Dean would have been an architect or a race car driver.. .Only if his back can take it!

Trevor - Design and Production
Trevor loves using his skills to give life to Kisschasey work. Like everyone here at Kisschasey, Trev really enjoys the high level of customer service and getting personal ( but not too personal ) with all the customers.

Emma Logan - Project Manager
Having a keen eye for detail, she is passionate about making sure that each individual poster truly speaks if not shouts 'personal'.